What We Do

The Q21 Solutions Difference

We offer a full range of services and are in high demand due to our reputation and uncanny ability to handle each and every logistical element of your event. The Q21 team will serve as the conceptual and visual event designers for all décor related aspects whilst handling and orchestrating the planning, production and design elements to breathe life into your ideas. We employ this integrated approach as part of our tried and tested event system.

What We Do

Corporate Event Management

At Q21 Solutions, we provide our clients with all services required for successful corporate event management; from concept design, development, manpower and execution.
Through the years we have successfully managed corporate events in Nigeria including AGM’s, Board Meetings, End of Year Parties, Product Launch, Awareness Campaign, Promotional Publicity, Advertising Campaigns, Press Conferences, Seminars, Investors Meetings, Lecture Series, Exhibitions, Road Shows, Treasure Hunt and Team Building Initiatives. We are leaders in Corporate Event Management.


Full Event Logistics

Guest Management, Transportation, Full Concierge Service.


Designs and Decorations

Backdrop, Set Design, Stage Construction and Sitting Arrangements.



Concept design, Audio Visual, Technical Support, Lighting and Special Effects.


Out of Country Corporate Events Management

Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, Senegal, Chad, Liberia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, United Kingdom, Paris, United States, Canada, Jamaica etc.


Team Building and Retreats

At Q21 Solutions, team building activities are a part of the services we offer to brands. As we move into a future where many companies are embracing hybrid working, team building activities will be more important to help keep your people connected wherever they are based.

These activities can range from a short problem to solve which can be done online to face to face games like a scavenger hunt. And whilst some people see team building as a ‘nice break’ from regular work, they do have a purpose. These help develop the skills and knowledge of your staff as well as help build rapport between your teams. Each activity we offer has gone through a specific risk assessment, thus enabling our experienced “eduventure” professionals to ensure the utmost safety while the students learn and have fun.

Our staff and trainers are waiting and eager to enjoy the camp with your students. Irrespective of the team building activities, our primary goal is to provide a safe, secure and happy environment where every student feels confident to explore, play and learn.

Team building can help increase employee motivation and nurture a successful company culture in a number of ways. When a group of employees successfully complete a team building activity it creates momentum and makes them feel good about themselves - it increases employees’ confidence in their, and their team’s, ability and it also shows employees that the organisation is willing to invest in them.

We engage teams in exciting games such as Role Play, Scavenger Hunt, Weakest Link, and Game Show Gambit. The business benefits of these collaborative exercises include improved communication, creativity, and a deeper understanding of organizational roles and company structure, improved analytical and critical thinking.

Team building activities can be a powerful way to develop collaboration and trust, improve motivation, nurture strengths, and address weaknesses. If you want your team building exercise to have real purpose and be properly planned, hire Q21 Solutions for guaranteed, genuine and long-lasting impact.

Benefits of Team Building for Executives

  • Better engagement with staff and leadership team.
  • Ability to formulate and implement effective leadership strategies.
  • Develop the capabilities needed to increase your team's work productivity.
  • Develop your communication skills, mastering the art of negotiation, influence and conflict management.
  • Become more confident as a leader and find new ways of influencing the teams you lead.

Virtual Event Management

Planning events in a post-pandemic world calls for increased innovation and dynamism which is why virtual events have been on the rise. Here at Q21, nothing is off limits when it comes to creating a virtual event experience.

Ideally, nothing beats face-to-face communication. But like you, we are eager to adapt to our new reality and embrace the benefits. With over a decade worth of successful event management and event production experience, we are combining our years of experience with our cutting edge expertise to help you create the right virtual strategy and deliver it in a way that is compelling, cost-effective, appropriate for your business goals and engages your audience.

Our team is always at the forefront of the latest technology, researching virtual meeting platforms, live streaming services and third-party tech tools, and vetting them on your behalf. We endeavour to manage the project and supplier relationships, holding stakeholders accountable while cutting through the tech speak to communicate in terms you and your partners can understand.

It’s never been more important to communicate with your teams, customers and partners around priorities, strategies and planning for what’s next post-COVID. Whether you’re retooling a conference plan because of the pandemic or building a virtual event plan from the ground up, our expert team will work closely with you to craft a meaningful virtual event.


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