It’s not enough to just deliver a leadership training experience to students. At Q21 Solutions, we believe that the only measure of success of any training effort is the behaviour that is changed, and the results that are produced from that behaviour.

That is why we customize our training to meet the specific needs of each participant, providing a structure to effectively bridge the gap between exposure to new ideas and their application of those ideas in their day to day life. Over the years, this process has proven to build learner’s self-confidence and interpersonal skills, elevate learner achievement, and reduce school-wide discipline problems.

Our Packages


Q21 has developed a unique leadership training package for primary students. R.I.L means Respect, Integrity and Loyalty. Real kids go to RIL Camp! The package has been adapted from the popular books written by Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s – 7 Habits of Happy Kids and The Leader in Me. Q21 tailor makes each camp for the school. We can run the camp as part of the overall curriculum, on site specific day training (i.e. four days) or an offsite training/adventure camp (i.e. Kenya, Ghana , South Africa)


This is Q21’s unique leadership training package for secondary students which means Pride, Determination and Resilience. Since its early days, outdoor education programs have been used to improve the capacity of individuals to withstand and even thrive in difficult circumstances. Alfred Whitehead says it best “... without adventure civilization is in full decay” Q21 solution creates a school specific tailor made program that today’s youth can understand, appreciate and relate too. We assist the school in addressing key issues affecting them such as bullying and self-esteem.


Our Fun in the Sun Camp is as the name implies; really Fun in the Sun! Getting your kids away from Computer Games and Television with activities such as Treasure Hunt, Science, Quiz, Numeric Games, Board Games, Design and Tech, Cookery, Wild and Wacky arts and Crafts, Cheer leading, Music, Drama, Dance, Choreography and language ; it is a perfect opportunity for kids ages 4- 14 to cultivate and grow whilst having loads of fun. Camp is normally run during school holidays (Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays).

Camp Benefits

Improve confidence through taking on challenges
Social awareness skills are developed by appreciating the achievements of others and helping them reach their goals through teamwork
Personal qualities – initiative, self-reliance, responsibility & perseverance are demonstrably improved
Key skills such as communication, leadership, problem solving and teamwork are developed
Increased motivation and appetite for learning can be lead to raised levels of attainment in other aspects of education
Appreciation of the benefits of health and physical fitness