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How To Plan And Execute Events During And After The Covid 19 Pandemic

By October 14, 2020 No Comments

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on almost every sector of the economy, with the event industry taking a major blow. As in-person events start to take place again, event planners will have to pay attention to certain processes that are necessary to successfully execute and plan an event during and post COVID-19 period. Some of the tips to follow are listed below.

Use a Large Venue To Host a Small Number Of Invitees

To limit physical contact in onsite events, there is a need to plan for a large venue that can accommodate attendees and still maintain distance. 

A new seating arrangement can be adopted, instead of the theatre style, the U-style of seating should be opted for because it allows for more distance while promoting conversations. 

Alternative Registration Desks  

Registering guests online may be the best option this period but if your event requires that guests must be registered at the venue, then you have to get creative. Make use of physical signage to show the correct distance in queues and instead of handing out badges, you can ask visitors to print badges at home and self-scan at the registration booth.


Proper Sanitation Policy 

Having sanitation policies in place is a critical requirement for events during and after a pandemic. Social distancing should be enforced and plans should be made to isolate possible attendees who may fail the temperature test or show certain covid symptoms. Disinfection of surfaces and common areas and wearing protective facemasks should also be top of the list. Hand washing stations with hand sanitizers should be made available.  


Catering and Serving Style 

Planning an event in this pandemic and after will require you change some usuals and roll with the unlikely. For catering and serving,  go for a serving system where contact is limited, buffet self-serving method and others like it are no longer considered appropriate. You can opt for seated dining that encourages some social distancing.

Offering pre-packaged meals and using disposable cups can go a long way in limiting risks.


Social Activities  

Interactions and networking are part of the major attraction in an in-person event. Attempting social activities in an event at the moment may be too risky as their chances of handshakes or breaching the acceptable distance to one another are high.

Event organisers can monitor and direct networking sessions. Seated conversations while ensuring adequate physical distance can be encouraged. Online games like Kahoot which engages every attendee without needing physical contact should be an option too.


Virtual Events 

Some countries and states are now opening their borders and allowing events of up to 500 people to hold, but for others who still have more restrictions virtual events are turned to as an option. 

An Online event or a Virtual event involves a remote gathering of people for a purpose via the internet. It is the ideal kind of event to host during a pandemic. 

Planning a virtual event requires a lot of creativity and good knowledge of the right tools needed to ensure the success of the event. Being familiar with streaming platforms and picking the ones that suits your audience is very important.


Trusted Vendors 

More than ever, you need to work with vendors who you trust and are sure to take every precaution necessary to execute a successful event without compromising the health of the team and attendees. They should be made to follow every sanitary guideline.  

Planning and Executing an event during a pandemic and after may be challenging, the strict precaution to eliminate risk and still give the attendees desired experience can be a lot.  However, with the right measures in place, you can plan and host a successful live event during a pandemic and after.

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