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How To Keep Your Attendees Engaged During An Online Event

By August 11, 2020 No Comments

Online events are categorized as being interactive and they can be quite interesting and engaging if done the right way.

 People tend to lose interest quickly online due to the availability of other options to tune to. To keep your online audience tuned in and engaged you have to follow these tips listed below: 

Have Useful Content

To keep your attendees engaged, ensure that whatever that is given out is useful and relevant to them. One of the best ways to know exactly what your attendees need to get from your online event is by asking them. During the registration, have a page where they can pick or suggest topics they want to be discussed or activities they would like to be done during the event. When you provide the content they asked for they surely will be engaged for the whole duration of the online event. 

Make ‘Live Chat’ Option Available

Use a platform with a live-chat option for your online event. At a point during the session enable life-chats so that attendees can ask speakers questions and interact with them. With a live chat option, attendees can also interact with one another and post real-time comments. This keeps the event lively and the attendees engaged. 

Play Games

Online games like Puzzles, Riddles, and Quizzes can get the audience charged up and bring out their competitive side. To make it more interesting you can attach a prize to the games, with this you can just sit back and watch how vibrant and engaged your attendees will get. 

Adopt Virtual Entertainment

Use interesting means to pass information to your audience, you can drop prints and go for video slides. You can start every session with a music break, this can also help keep your attendees energized and lively.

Using a nice backdrop is a good way to keep your audience engaged. Even if it is a webinar, you do not have to use a boring or serious backdrop, go for something cool and aesthetically pleasing. 

Keep it Short

When a session is lengthy, there are more chances that it will get boring along the way and this also increases the chances of your attendees logging out before the event is over. Keep your online event short; it should not exceed 2 hours and allow short breaks in between. A very long session may mean you would have to overload your attendees with information and by so doing you may have lost them.   

A successful Online event is one where a good number of the attendees remained engaged for the duration of the event. By following the tips given above you are sure to have a well attended Online event with overly engaged attendees. 


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