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5 Tips on How To Market Your Online Event

By August 11, 2020 No Comments

An Online event or a Virtual event involves a remote gathering of people for a purpose via the internet. They are often interactive and well attended especially when the event is properly promoted. 

Marketing an Online event requires a lot of creativity, with the amount of content on the internet one must find captivating ways to catch the attention of your target audience and properly sell your event to them. Here are 5 tips on how to market your virtual event.

Use Social Media Platforms

This seems like the obvious marketing route to go and it is surely an effective one but it must be done creatively and intentionally. You must first find out the social media platforms where your target audience is most active then you prioritize those platforms for your marketing. Utilize all the available features of the platform to sell your event, this does not have to be done aggressively though, a subtle but interesting post announcing your event can do the magic. Be consistent with promoting the event but do not limit every post on your page to be just about the event.

Work With Partner

Cross-promotions are also a good way to market your Online event. Look for organizations or individuals whose audience is similar to your target audience and partner with them to market your event, then you return the favor when they have an event that needs to be marketed. With them announcing your event to their audience it brings more awareness to your online event and can translate to more attendance.

Brand Your Virtual Event

This is one of the first things you need to do to effectively market your online event. You should have a theme for the event and know the purpose you want the event to serve. Your branding should be in line with your proposed audience and your chosen theme. The messaging, fonts, and even color should all be ones that show the experience that the attendees would be getting by attending the event. 

Turn Attendees and Speakers to Influencers

Create a strategy that allows your proposed attendees to help market your event. Start a hashtag for the event and ask possible attendees to make a post using the hashtag and talk about the upcoming event. Let your speakers also promote the event by posting about it on their own page and reaching out to their audience to do the same. Doing this will help generate more pre-event engagement and awareness.

Paid Media Marketing

We understand that the current world situation may not give so much room for big-budget events but you can do a lot with a little. Paying a media page to market your online event will go a long way to increase the number of your attendees and give you a wider audience reach. Ensure that the paid post meets some of the above listed tips; it should be properly branded and shared on the right platforms. The post should have links where people can register for the online event and the website or landing page should be easy to navigate, this makes it easier for attendees to make decisions faster and possibly purchase tickets if it is a ticketed event.  

Marketing an Online event is very similar to marketing an in-person event, the major difference is the extra creative work and specific streamlining that goes with marketing an online event. You want to be sure you are pitching to the right audience, you have to stand out and set yourself apart from the numerous content online. Following the tips above will help you properly market your event and secure as many attendees as you wish.    


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