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5 Online Event Ideas You Need To Try This Year

By August 11, 2020 No Comments

Online events are the toast of our society today. With in-person events being out of the question due to the current pandemic, everyone has turned to online events to remotely bring people together without fear of compromising one’s health status. 

For events profs and others who are yet to find a way to put their event planning experience to use virtually, these are some of the online event ideas you can try this year. 


A Webinar is an Online Seminar where speakers give their presentations mostly in a slideshow to a live-online audience. It is often used to launch or introduce a new business, new products, or to educate a select audience. Webinars are one of the most common online events this year, and any aspiring online event host can make great success by organizing one. 

Virtual Conference

Unlike webinars, online conferences tend to cater to a large number of attendees, it is mostly attended by people within a niche discussing business or organizational growth and progress and other ways forward. Online conferences are sometimes done in sessions, attendees log-in to attend their session in batches this way, you get to cover a lot of people without overwhelming the coverage platform used. 

Virtual Party

You can put your wonderful playlist to use by organizing a virtual party for your online audience. People are getting bored with the lockdown routined life and would jump on any entertainment that can break their routine and eliminate some banality in their schedule. Starting a Friday online-party is a great online event idea, and it is one that is sure to be packed. 

Online Classes

This is another popular event that may have come to stay. With the Covid19 pandemic hitting all corners of the earth, Schools, individuals, and other organizations have turned to online classes to help keep their minds sharp and pick up new skills. Teaching or organizing an online class may require a lot of work, but it is surely a rewarding online event to host.

Yoga classes, cooking classes, or even a painting class are one of the best online classes you can host this year.

Live Stream Event

A social media live stream event is one of the ways to host an online event especially if you are on a budget. Having an already established followership or audience is a big plus when hosting a lifestream, you only need to announce the event and give a date and time. You can do a launch or a listening party on a live stream, with most live streaming platforms having the real-time chat feature, it makes live stream events more interesting and engaging. 

It is important to remain consistent and go with the tune of things, this is why you should key into any of the mentioned online events and utilize your skill and experience to maintain relevance in the event planning world. 


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