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Tips On How To Host An Online Event Successfully

By March 25, 2020 No Comments

It is 2020 and more Online or Virtual events are being hosted. Online events take place online instead of a physical location, they are often very interactive and engaging. People are getting busier and they are attempting to avoid crowded places, event hosts are acknowledging this development and opting to host more online events. 

Hosting online events can be as challenging as hosting an onsite one, to host a successful online event, you need to equip yourself with the tips listed below.

Keep it Interactive: People want to contribute and have their voices heard, online events are good at giving people avenues to find their voice. Hosting an online event, be sure to do so on a platform that allows live chats and comments in real-time. Have a question and answer session. Create a hashtag for the event, and encourage attendees to tweet about the event as it is happening, this will create more buzz around it and attendees will be happy to be part of a trending event.

Record the event and provide the links so that attendees can stream it again. 

Have Great Speakers: One of the things that determine the success of an event is the quality of the speakers that will be at the event, an online event also needs to be hosted by a wonderful host and inspiring speakers. As an online host, you are more tasked to get outstanding speakers since they do not need to travel to the event site. Speakers, like the audience, can give their messages from anywhere in the world. Your speaker should be able to add value to the attendees, either by the quality of knowledge they are sharing or by providing networking avenues for them, while keeping their sessions fun, interactive and educational. 

Excellent Internet Connection and Environment: Hardwire your connectivity to help prevent issues of unstable internet connection. No attendee would appreciate your connection going off or buffering due to bad internet on your own side during the event. Also, make sure your environment isn’t noisy and your audio is clear. Even though it is an online event as the host, you should dress smartly and look good. 

Plan Early: One of the mistakes event hosts make is assume that planning an online event is a piece of cake. To have a successful event, you need to start planning very early for it. Put the same energy you would assert if it were an onsite event. Leave no stone unturned and delegate some tasks that may be too complicated or time consuming for you. Have a laid out plan and have a plan b, also be willing to diversify and be flexible. 

Work with Partner or Sponsors: Event sponsors and partners help carry some financial responsibilities of hosting events. They also help with the promotion of the event as they are equally interested in the success of the event. 

Look for sponsors whose business or service are in line with the theme of your event, they are more likely to be interested in putting money into ensuring the success of the event. 

Promote Your Event Creatively: Pay attention to trends online and key into them to market your event, every post you make on your blog or tweet you put out should have the link to your event attached to it. 

Engage your social media contacts and creatively sell your event to them and get your speakers to do the same. If you have had a previous online event, use the recorded video as a promotional video, play clips of the high points of the event and get people looking forward to it.

Like most events, online events are successful when experiences are well sold to attendees. Following the tips above will mean you won’t have any loose ends and you would be sure to deliver a wonderful and successful online event. 


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