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5 Team Building Event Ideas To Try Out This Year

By March 25, 2020 No Comments

How the members of a work team relate with each other can affect the productivity and output of the team. Team building events are group development activities aimed to encourage better communication amongst employees and increase collaboration, with the final objective being to create a comfortable work environment that results in greater work yield. 

Every organization whose goal is to achieve greatness through oneness, creativity, and hard work needs to adopt one or two of the team building event ideas below. 

Physical Sports: For companies whose workforce is often almost seated at a desk, this team building event idea is very suited. Going outside and getting the team to get into physical sport will be a welcomed change of pace and an interesting one at that. It will break the monotonous work routine they are used to, remove some banality from their cycle and allow them to build bonds with their colleagues.

Collaborate with another company or another team and get them to play against yours, this way, the team members are made to trust one another and work together to outplay the opposing team. 

The game can be an outdoor soccer match or an indoor basketball game, whichever the workforce deems fit. 


Acknowledgment and Recognition Exercise: This is a team-building event where accolades are given to the deserving. This activity requires every team member to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s efforts. They speak on tasks a team member had done exceptionally well in and encourage them to keep it up. All team members take turns in giving and receiving sincere praise from their colleagues for good work done. This act reassures the team that every good work is not left unnoticed and they resolve to do more to keep the accolades coming. 

Book Club: Having an employee book club is a great way to build a team and increase communication within the team. In book clubs, a book is picked and members are asked to read it within a given time, when said time elapses the club reconvenes to discuss chapters, characters or plot of the book. This weekly activity creates a great channel for employees to talk to each other and pick each other’s brains on things that are not work-related, thereby making it easier for them to understand each other and know their views on life and approach issues with that knowledge. 

Stage Play: Organizing and executing a play with the team is a good way to raise team spirit and interaction. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or long drama that may take a lot of time to practice and rehearse. A short and simple play that will still allow all the team members to participate will do just fine. 

To successfully execute the play, the employees would need to work together, choosing who to cast and who to be on the crew. The whole process of making and preparing for the play will be one filled with lessons, the team will get to learn things about one another and use the experience to be better work colleagues.

Lunch/Dinner Outing: Sometimes it takes simple things like having lunch or dinner with your team to put them in the right frame of mind and to encourage better collaboration. Especially when you have remote workers, the lack of face time with fellow workers can sometimes be a hindrance to the growth of a work team. 

 Bringing your remote and onsite workers together and allowing them to have facetime conversations can go a long way in improving their communication at work and dispelling any existing tension. It is said that good food ends with good talk after all.  

Your team members need to be in sync and have an easy communication flow, those are essential values needed to grow a business and keep it at the top. Doing any of the listed team building activity will surely see your team more united and increase productivity. 


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