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5 Tips On How To Write The Perfect Speaker Bio

By January 27, 2020 No Comments

Part of the things that influence people’s decision to attend an event is the type of speakers that would be at the event. Some speakers are very popular and their reputation precedes them, but for others who aren’t as popular – it is very wise to make your bio as captivating as possible.

Writing the perfect bio will require you follow the 5 tips listed below.

List Your Education and Experience

When listing your educational qualifications and experiences, make it engaging, let the reader have a sneak peek at what makes you tick. It should be formal but not boring and always write in the third person.

Spill Your Accomplishments

This is the time to answer the ultimate Nigerian question, “Do you know who I am?” you have the floor now to tell us who you are.
It is not a time to be modest, write about your well-deserved accolades and list your awards. Write them in a way that shows that you truly know your onions and you are a Sensei in the particular topic that you would be speaking on, and you have a plaque to show for it.

Bring Charisma

After bragging your way through, it’s time to balance it out by bringing some personality. Let your bio have some character to it.
While keeping it professional also let the reader in a bit, you can tell them of your love for Yam and cycling in the rain, anything that gives the bio a soul works. They should still be tailored to fit your professional line though, there is no need to talk about your grandmother or your rich uncle.

Be Intentional

Get to know your audience and steer your bio to a direction that speaks to them. Write things about you that they might find fascinating.
If your audience is going to be filled with Millenials, use words that they can relate to; it will keep them interested and looking forward to hearing you speak.

Keep it Concise

Most people won’t read through the whole bio, make it brief but it should still relay the important information needed in a way that captivates the reader. Even if they move to the next bio they won’t forget yours in a hurry and it will be part of the reason they would be attending the event.

Your bio as a speaker is part of the selling point of an event and you should be sure to make it very marketable. The 5 tips above will surely help you write a very interesting bio.

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