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2020 Event Trends You Need To Know

By January 23, 2020 No Comments

With the new year comes new trends or refining of old ones especially in an industry like Event and Event planning. Attendees are always looking to be blessed with new experiences that are different  from the norm and are memorable. 

2020 will push event organizations a bit to the extreme and there will be lots of creativity poured into planning and hosting, to provide the ultimate experience or something resembling that. 

Below are some of the event trends to look out for in 2020. 

Creative Venues

2020 Will open doors to more interesting venues for events, the conventional venues no longer appeal to attendees, event planners are noticing and changing things up. Hotel halls and conference centers are now considered the banal option, attendees prefer events held outdoors like the beachside or inspiring indoor spaces like art galleries, museums   or any other venue that has been designed to spark some amount of creativity. 

Virtual Planning 

Visiting sites can be exhausting and time-consuming, but with new technology 2020 will have event planning been done virtually.

Venue owners will include virtual tour options of their site where event planners get to view sites virtually and get all the information needed to appropriate designs that suit the event based on the space. With Virtual Reality technology, the edges and angles of event space can be viewed by a planner from the comfort of his home without moving a muscle. This trend will bring about quick decision making by the planner on the choice of venue. 

Personalized Event 

This is one of the top event trends to look out for in 2020. Personalized events have been proven to be more successful than any other since its introduction. Attendees want to have some control of the event and be a part of it at their own pace.

Personalizing an event allows them to do so and also get more value from the event. You can personalize an event by making session breaks that fit into the attendees’ interests. They can be asked to choose a topic they want to be lectured on or an activity they want to be done during the event. Attendees connect more to events when given the opportunity to make choices that work best for them and this is a trend that all events will be adopting this year.

Security and Safety 

Like other years, this trend is still a top priority for event planners. 2020 will see more budget going to the security and safety of guests and the space of the event. 

Emergency plans will be included in case of a security breach or any occurrence that may be a threat to the safety of the attendees. Fire drill videos will be played at the beginning of an event and emergency exits pointed out in case of evacuation. Attendees will be allowed to use the event app to report suspicious movements.

 Cybersecurity will also be paramount before and during the event. Event sites are a big hub of personal information and should be very secure to avoid unauthorized access to attendees’ data and other crucial information.

Interactive Live Event

With lots of people often disengaged from reality and stuck face down on mobile screens and laptops- there is a huge demand for immersive experiences where physical interaction will ensue and human connections built. 

Events in 2020 will have various spaces within the event venue where creative and fun moments are made. From a 360 dance wheel to a Lego corner or escape room- whatever that adds some live entertainment to the experience of the attendees will be welcomed.

Event Wifi

Events in 2020 will be adding wifi connection  to what they offer and those who are already on this trend will go for a faster, safer wifi connection for their attendees.  While events promise physical interactions, there will also be a need for internet connectivity as real-time reports which is also a 2020 trend, will be done on apps that require internet access. Attendees will be more motivated to participate if wifi is available and reliable. 

Data-Driven Events 

A good number of events in 2020 will be born out of data-driven decisions and ran on the same data. Event planners are leaning to personalize events based on previous attendees and new registrants. Data will be used to create memorable events and will allow guest use the event apps in real-time to give feedback or report a dissatisfaction, the attendee can report a faulty flusher in the restroom or a turned-up A.C and since the reports are done in real- time with each data coming, changes are implemented to better attendees experience.


Though working with data may eliminate some category of people from a targeted audience list. Events in 2020 will be big on diversity, there will be lots of event aiming to bring different people together for meaningful interaction.  

People of different age groups, religions, educational qualifications, gender etc, will be seen in the same event in 2020. Inclusivity isn’t just a keyword but will be practical in many events this year. 

Employee Events

Companies are delving more into using events to bring their workforce together and keep them, refined, motivated and loyal.

Engaging events where interactions are encouraged are the top of the list for these companies, talking about work problems and giving solutions or bringing up new ideas that may improve the individual and company. 

Events like social media week have seen Media and I.T companies sponsoring their employees to attend and network, food and drink events too have employees from beverage industries using the space as a meeting and engaging spot.  More of such tailored events for a particular industry will be seen in 2020. 

Sustainable Events

With the world boiling away as a result of changes in the climate, events are being more environmentally conscious, outdoor venues are encouraged as they need less conditioning and thereby reducing carbon emission from generators and other equipment needed for indoor venues.

More localized events will be held to cut down on long-distance traveling by attendees, also plastic bottles will be dropped for biodegradable options and event souvenirs will be made from eco- friendly material. Recycling bins will be mounted at different corners of venues to help with keeping the environment safe.  

It is a known fact that technology will be a major factor in the event trends in 2020 and as an event planner or prof you need to familiarize yourself with the ones that will play vital roles in making events successful, add some knowledge of attendee behavior and psychology and you are sure to have an eventful 2020. 

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