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10 Event Promotion Ides That Increase Attendance

By January 23, 2020 No Comments

Organizing events is not an easy task, lots of work and thought go into making an event a reality and more into making it a success. A successful event is one with a good number of satisfied attendees. To get people to attend your event in these times, you have to be creative and intentional with your event promotion. Every organizer’s dream is to be on team #SoldOut for their event. 

Here are 10 event promotion ideas that will increase attendance and get you into the said team.Utilize Data and Personalize

Use data of previous attendees to streamline and target your advert. Check your email list and choose a demographic that you want as your audience and send emails to them directly. For previous attendees you can add their name to the body of the mail or talk about the previous event, this will engage him/her and endear them to the event.  

During registration you can also ask attendees to choose preferred topics they would want to listen, it gives them a sense of control and they help promote the event as they now feel like they are part of it. 

Sell Tickets on Promotion Sites:

Whatever site you are promoting your event on  should have the option of selling tickets to prospective attendees, most times when people are redirected to another site to get a ticket, they lose interest or procrastinate purchasing the ticket. Tickets sales should be made available in every discovery site with your event message on. 

Quality Photography:

They say pictures tell better stories than words. Put out high-quality pictures of previous events on promotion sites and other platforms.  With good photographs of your events, prospective attendees will have an insight on what to expect and make quicker decisions about their attendance. If your pictures are appealing you would be sure to get people to buy tickets and want to be part of the experience you are promising.

Use Influencers:

Influencers are mostly media savvy people with lots of followers on social media that can influence the decision of others. For an agreed few or payment method, an influencer will generate the right noise needed to bring awareness to your event and get people to attend. 

Convert Attendees to Influencer:

People are aware that influencers are paid to hype products or events so they are sometimes not convinced to attend even with an influencer’s input, but when previous attendees are the influencers, people get more convinced and are more likely to attend. 

 If your previous event was lit enough, your attendees will turn to your apostle and testify to the awesomeness of the event. Their praise for the event will influence those in doubt to come on board, this they will generate more registrants to you and increase the number of attendees. 

Provide them with a “Moment for the Gram” and it will become a trending hashtag for the day.

Engage People with Instagram or Snapchat Stories

Let your followers or prospective audience in on how the preparations for the event are going, this will make them feel like they are part of the community and they look forward to the event more. Use Instagram stories to show the set preparations, meeting with speakers and sort. 

 During the event, put happenings on your social media stories and engage those who are not there and show them what they are missing. It will serve as a promotion for the next event as they wouldn’t want to miss out on that. 

Put Tickets on Sale for A Limited Time

Put time and date for when tickets to the event will no longer be available and reiterate them on your promotion images and videos. This will get procrastinators and unsure audiences to make a decision quickly and get a ticket.

 Make A Promotional Video and Image

Effective promotional videos contain the highlight of the previous event and insight into the coming one. You can get your speakers to make short videos, outlining what they will be talking about and why they are qualified to speak on such topics. 

Make the video vibrant and interesting. Your promotional image should have concise information of the event and should be written in an appealing way to draw in attendees. 

Market Your Event at A Similar Event

If you are  promoting your upcoming “Wine and Steak”  event and you need your audience to be people interested in food and beverages, you should attend food fairs or other events related to yours. You are certain to see people that will be interested in your event. 

You can buy an exhibition spot at the event or sponsor a banner at the event placed strategically, showing your brand. Get to network and interact with attendees at the event and do a face to face marketing of your own event 

Discount Ticket Price for Early Birds

People love discounts and have been known to make decisions faster when discounts are involved. Use discounts as an incentive to get attendees to your event and watch it sell out. Cut some percentage off for early birds and it will increase the number of attendees for your event. 

If followed as directed, the 10  points given above will guide you to getting your event filled at capacity but you must always update your knowledge on the new trends that are applicable to your industry and make adjustments to suit the promotion of future events.

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