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All You Need To Know About Writing The Perfect Event Description

By November 5, 2019 No Comments

When we talk about ‘event description’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘what exactly is an event description and what makes it so important in the first place?’.

An event description is basically all that is meant to be known about your event in clear precise details. It is very important, because depending on the way it is written, it can be a determining factor if your event will be sold-out or not.

Your event description has to give people good reasons why they should leave all they have lined up and attend your event, even when it is not the only one being held that day. What makes your event different? What makes it stand out? What will happen at the event? Who are the speakers, the performing artistes? What do people get out of attending your event if they eventually decide to show up? This and more are what should be addressed in your event description.

The difference between a well-attended, show-stopping event and a floppy event, is all in the event description (as well as the event planning of course). So much depends on this basic description, and no matter how brilliant your idea or concept is, it will determine the success of that event – be it a science fair, a fashion show, a cooking class, a career talk, a comedy show, you name it.

So, here are some tips on how to write your amazing event’s description;

Make a short, catchy event title.

In this fast paced-digital age, you need to expect that people will have a short attention span; People rarely take out time to read lengthy event titles (or anything as the case may be).

So, as you brainstorm on your event plans, pinpoint precise titles that makes sense and ensure that the title fits the purpose of the event (to avoid confusion and further confusion on the day of the event).

For example, if you are planning a fashion event, this could be a caption – ‘Naija Fashion Fest – Unleashing your inner fashionista’, for a career talk, this works as well ‘Career Carnival – Ladies let’s talk business’.

Remember, creativity is the ground-work of a mind-blowing event.

Email and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Almost every Nigerian has a smartphone and is connected to the internet, we check our emails like everyday and we google more than we can even imagine. 

So, imagine if you have an event which pops up first every time people search for an event on google and you have that catchy title working for you? Simply put – It’s going to be a massive hit!

Also, when sending emails to event attendees, ensure that these emails are equally concise and compelling. Do not hesitate to add a large dose of creativity and apply some email marketing strategies as well.

Give People Information.

We all know that an event description is primarily loaded with information but the question is; Is the information that is provided necessary or just simply inconsequential?

Yes! You have caught your event attendee with a catchy title and emails, so what next? It is now time to keep their attention and keep their interest burning so brightly, that they would not even dare to miss your upcoming event.

Avoid empty, superfluous words and keep your grammar simple.

Here’s an example, “Naija Fashion Fest – ‘an extraordinary celebration of fabulous Nigerian fashion designers, creative individuals and fashion couture. To be attended by the movers and shakers of the Nigerian Fashion industry. If you are a lover of fashion, then make it a date with us on the 20th of May, at the Right Event Center. P.S: You can be fashionably late, it is allowed.‘”

Social media is your friend.

Your event description has to be fit for the ‘Gram and fab for the Tweets!

There is so much you could do on social media these days, practically every one is online and people get most of their information from posts and tweets. Hence, this is a fast moving trend that all event managers should hop on to further promote their events.

Invest in social media ads especially on Facebook; go digital with your event description and leave no stone unturned in respect to your social media event promotions.

Captivating pictures and ads can perform magic and do your event a world of good. So don’t hold back, be social and see your event sweeping up more guests than you can imagine.

Tap into the event-goers emotions.

Trust Nigerians, the more you can tap on the right emotions and feelings, the more successful your event will be.

Keep in mind that your event description gives your event a voice, that can connect with readers on an emotional level, it tells your readers all they need to know about your event and makes them feel that they do need to attend your event.

Endeavour to do all this with a compelling description, that will not only connect with your readers but also makes it easy to attend your event.

P.S: If you ever get stuck, always start your event description with the major reasons for the creation of the event in the first place, hopefully, a lot of your readers will be able to relate as well.

While you go on with writing your event description, keep in mind that it is not what you say that really matters but significantly how you say it.

When event goers stumble upon your event description on any platform, they should be able to find an appealing write-up that would inspire them to not only get tickets and attend the event but also to drag others along with them.

Do not forget to be super creative and go through an uncharted path to make a significant impact.




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