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5 Event Planning Tips To Increase Productivity

By August 15, 2019 No Comments

Honestly, being a successful event planner is no child’s play especially when you have to juggle different tasks just to keep things running smooth at your events. As an event planner, your major focus should be on productivity. Without productivity, event management will be stressful, hectic and time-consuming. 

If you’d like to maximize your event planning productivity, these productivity tips below should be your watch word;

Set Clear and Achievable Goals When planning an event, it’s important to set goals that will facilitate the success of your event. These goals have to be clearly defined with a well defined process on how the set goals will be achieved. Doing this will make it easier for your team to make decisions as regards the event even in your absence since the end goal is defined. Having a set goal will also make measuring growth as a professional and objectively estimate the chances for success in each particular event management campaign.

Organize Your Checklist –Taking time to create a checklist will help you stay organized and focused on important tasks. It will also help reduce stress and make sure no detail is forgotten. As an event planner, it is advisable to create a checklist template and just edit to fit the details of events you’re planning. This will make work easier and less stressful. Your event checklist could contain important subjects such as venue, food, event marketing etc

Delegate Task – It’s normal to think you can handle planning an event all by yourself but honestly, this will slow down the event planning process and might end up creating a big mess of your event. Delegate tasks to members and try as much as possible to avoid micromanaging team members except when extremely necessary. Delegating tasks will also make it easy to know which of the team members isn’t carrying out his/her delegated task. It will also engage your team and help them feel more invested in their work, which will boost their productivity and decrease company turnover.

Stick To The Event’s Budget – Avoid slipping into the red by creating a budget for your event. And NEVER spend above the budget as this will mean you’ll be running at a loss. When creating a budget, it is advised to streamline the budget by focusing on priorities first and splitting what’s left on other items. If you find that the allocated budget for a particular budget is low, try to cut cost from the less important items and adjust accordingly. A set in stone budget will increase productivity and reduce stress. 

Ask For Feedback Ensure to get feedback from event attendees and clients as this is one sure way to help you improve your business and planning process. You’ll also know what areas you should focus more and less on. Doing this will help increase your event planning productivity.

As an event planner, it is also important to have an “end of an event” ritual to help reduce the stress and get you ready for your next event. This ritual might include having a spa session, going to the cinema etc. With the shared productivity tips, you’re on your way to being one of the best event planners as your events will always run smoothly which in turn will ensure the success of your event.


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