5 Amazing Entertainment Ideas For Your Corporate Events

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Who said corporate events should be strictly informational/ educational without unlimited fun?? Definitely not us! 

Every corporate event planner should incorporate amazing entertainment ideas in their planning process if they want their guests to leave with a long lasting impression. 

Make your next corporate event the talk-of-the-town with these 5 amazing entertainment ideas

Social Photo-Booth  You probably think photo-booths are made for social events but guess what? You are wrong! Photo-booth is a great entertainment idea as everyone loves to share pictures and having a place specifically designed for that purpose at your event will make them super happy. Constructing a photo-booth with customized props at your next corporate event is an easy way to keep your guests engaged and entertained. 

Interactive Food and Drink Stations  Interactive food and drink stations are a great way to breathe some new life to your corporate event. The goal of an interactive food and drink station is to ensure the guest are well-fed and also to leave them wowed! The possibilities of an interactive food and drink station are endless; from giving each meal/drink on the item the brand’s product names or serving them in customized plates, if your client is a travel agency you could name each mealstand a country and have your ushers give them visas to access each mealstand. This is certainly going to leave the guests entertained.

Pop-up Giveaways – Giveaways are an amazing way to keep your guests engaged and entertained as they have to partake in an activity before winning the giveaway prizes. From past records, no event attendee has ever said no to giveaways. Unlike the usual airtime giveaways strategy most event planners implement, you could actually come up with an activity that requires winning stages to unlock the grand prize. This will sure lighten the mood of any corporate event. 

Comedy Act –  Depending on the theme and tone of your event, a comedy act could be  another amazing way to lighten up the mood at your corporate event. When sourcing for a comedian ensure to select one who specializes in corporate or office humour or one who’s familiar with your client’s industry. The selected comedian could also acts as the emcee of the event but ensure he’s experienced and won’t bore your attendees by cracking out of context jokes.

Customized Swag Bags – A great gift bag is filled with original and useful stuff! It’s an amazing way to say goodbye to your event attendees as they leave your event with free items that they will find useful after the event and this is one sure way to leave a long lasting impression after your event. If you find yourself planning an all ladies corporate event you should invest in Tote bags as a way to pack other gift items, be sure that most ladies in attendance will convert this into a fashion bag after the event. 

With these amazing tips your next event will not only be fun for the attendees it will also be fun for you to execute. You could also come up with other amazing out of the box entertainment ideas for your guests. The more interesting the ideas are, the more fun you have when executing them.

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