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5 Tips on How To Increase Attendance At Your Fundraising Event

By June 25, 2019 No Comments

What’s a fundraising event without attendees?? A total fail! And this of course is every host’s nightmare. After weeks or even months of planning a fundraiser, its success can only be determined by the number of guests in attendance. 

Here are five tips that can help you increase attendance at your next fundraising event. 

Define Your Audience and A Means To Reach Them: When planning a fundraiser, it’s important to know who your target audience is and also come up with an effective strategy on how to reach them. For example, if you are planning a healthcare fundraiser, you need to target companies and individuals in the health sector and one effective way to reach them will be via email. So for this kind of fundraiser, you should consider building an email list.

Send Out Personal Invites: Make your guest feel like VIPs. Most people tend to attend events if they feel their presence will be appreciated. And for a fundraiser, you need your guests to feel this exact way before they’re willing to bring out their cheque books without hesitation. So send out invites! Start with past attendees then move on to donors for fundraising events similar to yours. 

Use Social Media: The world is now a digital village and the easiest way to pass your message across is now via social media platforms. Apart from reaching a very large audience at once, social media now let you define your target audience. With the help of social media ads, you can create posts that will reach your fundraising demographic. Just ensure your ‘Call to Action’ buttons takes them to where they can sign up to attend. Hire a professional if you have no idea on how this works.

Tell A Story: The best way to create major buzz around your fundraising event is to tell an inspirational story. Tell an inspirational story using the theme of your fundraiser and ensure it’s been heard on all possible platforms.

Let Attendees Know What They Stand To Gain: Apart from donors, you should also invite young attendees, because fundraisers can serve as a medium of educating the younger generation. If you are organizing a career fundraiser for example, job opportunities will be one benefit that will push the younger generation traffic to your event. 


In summary, to witness a drastic increase in the attendance of your next fundraising event, you should consider these tips.


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