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7 Valentine’s Day Event Ideas

By January 31, 2019 No Comments

The season of love is upon us once again and before we profess undying love and affection to our significant others, let us take a step back and remind ourselves that St Valentine, the pioneer of valentine’s day displayed an act of kindness and sacrifice and that should be the backbone of Valentine’s day.

If you want to make the most out of this season, here are some fun events you can plan for Valentine’s day.

Community Events: Valentine’s day is not just about romantic love. It’s about all celebrating all kinds of love, care and affection. Set up a community event for kids and the less privileged.  It should come with fun games and activities, food and drinks and gifts from volunteers. Let them be exposed to some care and affection from the world!

Private Dinner: Love is in the air and a private dinner is one of the most go-to activities that significant others engage in. This year’s valentine falls on a thursday so it wouldn’t be completely out of books to have a special dinner package planned during the weekend for couples. It could be spiced up by renting limo pick ups, carriage drives or even a rooftop setting for that aesthetic feel.

Asking the attendees for what they might love to do shouldn’t be off the table because it can provide you the opportunity to create incorporate their ideas into yours for you to create a customized event!

Singles Mixer: Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples! Plan a fun mixer for single people to network and maybe find love! Create a fun and interactive atmosphere. Chilled venue, cool music, food drinks and maybe some board games will set people in the mood to get to know each other.

Wine Tasting: Raise your hands if you love wine! It may not be popular, but wine tasting is an exquisite event that you can have planned for Valentine’s day. From white to red to rosé, your guests are bound to get their tastes buds rewarded with the soothing buzz that a few sips of wine brings.

Make sure the venue is right, some classical music in the background and of course, finger foods to go round because we don’t want everyone sipping on empty stomachs!

Masquerade Ball: Masquerade balls are very exciting to plan and to attend. These events are not popular in Nigeria, so it’s the perfect avenue to set the standard and outdo yourself as an event manager or planner. The whole concept of masquerading is what sets the adrenaline of the attendees pumping. There is an excitement that mystery brings.

Also, getting glammed up in your preferred costume can also brew excitement in the souls of the attendees.

So plan a masquerade ball, give it an exciting theme and maybe prescribe a dress code.

Cooking Class: Food is the most popular love language we have in Nigeria. So planning a cooking class event for couples or families should not come as a surprise. In fact, it should be expected. This provides a perfect avenue to spend quality time with loved ones while bonding over their love for food. Cooking classes promotes togetherness between participants and in so doing, strengthens affection.

Also, it’s super fun policing how much salt and pepper goes into a dish!

Book A Resort: Plan a getaway weekend and book a romantic spot that’s void of the daily hassles and distractions of living. It could be by the beach or in a secluded environment. Kill the internet supply so that couples find the time to truly connect with themselves. Reward them with amazing meals, champagne and spa activities etc.

It’s a perfect setting for couples and family to spend quality time together, bond over intimate activities and appreciate life as a whole!

We are overly excited to see what you come up with from planning any of the events highlighted above. Have a fun-filled Valentine.

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