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5 factors You Need To Consider Before Selecting A Venue For Your Event

By January 31, 2019 No Comments

When it comes to planning or managing an event, selecting the venue is one of the most important things to cross off your to-do list. As an event planner, you would want to pick a venue that meets the requirements for the planning to be successful. So, we have put together a few things to consider when making that vital decision, Read up on some of the factors to take into consideration in order for you to pick a great venue and get the rest of your planning underway.

Location: Location is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a venue for your event. In picking a location, you need to consider accessibility and proximity to the guests. Is it too far? Are the roads easily accessible? Will the guests encounter numerous hassles trying to get there? These are questions that need ‘No’ for an answer in order for you to be on the right track to planning a great event.

Cost: Staying in the budget is one major challenge an event planner has to overcome. As a planner, when picking a venue, you need to take into consideration the peak periods for that venue. During peak periods, prices tend to go higher than normal and so you are more likely to go over budget if you do not negotiate properly or book ahead or find a pocket-friendly venue. Or consider having your event on a day that is less sought after than others.

Size: When it comes to the size of the venue, planners must tread carefully. They must ask about the number of people the venue can accommodate and compare it with the number of prospective guests for the event. They must not confuse capacity with sizing because a hall for a capacity of 300 people can become tighter for the said number after decor and layouts have been put in place. So, if you plan on having 50 people at your event, you might want your venue to be able to hold seventy.

You must also consider the activities that would take place during the event. Some activities can’t be done in a low-ceiling venue and vice-versa.

Be very particular about the size of the venue, it won’t be great if guests have poor ventilation or feel restricted. So be sure to ask: How big does said space feel? Is it cosy and comfortable? Is it open and spacious?
If you ask these questions when considering size, you will be on your way to ensuring perfect comfort at your event.

Ambience: It might seem hard to believe, but, venues have auras and exude different ambience. Picking a venue means picking one that has the ambience or aura for the purpose of the event. If you are hosting a dinner, you want a soft and warm venue, if it’s a fundraiser, you want something elegant and classy, if it’s a regular party or show, you want a venue with a fun and active vibe.

As a planner, you have to think hard about the message you are trying to send to the event guests and how it can get it across with the environment you choose for the event.

Additional Services: Some venues come with benefits and some without. These benefits include additional services that the venue owners provide to the renters. They could be catering, clean-up or security. This can save tons of stress having to contract separate individuals for these services and after all the calculation is done, it might even end up costing more. So what’re a few extra thousands to get these additional services from the venue owners as opposed to running around getting them yourself.

Having outlined these factors, we sincerely hope that finding a venue for your next event will be as stress-free and as satisfactory as can be! Good luck!

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