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Event Management Trends To Look Out For In 2019

By January 17, 2019 No Comments

The event planning and management industry is a rolling stone. It evolves almost by the minute, adopting trends and applying them in multiple ways to create the best events and experience for clients.

Each year, there is a new set of trends or sometimes, development or evolution of the previous year’s trend. They consist of and are not limited to exciting tools and processes that event planners use in the execution of their jobs.

Let’s explore some expected trends for 2019 below.


Venue Trends

Creative Venues: Event planners and managers have now been seen to adopt more creative or unorthodox approaches when picking out locations and venues for their events. From branded spaces, landmarked venues to multipurpose venues, event managers are pushing boundaries to make sure there is a complete experience that the concept of a venue adds to an event. It could be that feeling of exclusivity or the perfect backdrop for the perfect selfie, or the stories or history of the location of the venue or even the venue itself.

Exploring and incorporating these types of venues to events bring with it various elements that the guests will definitely enjoy.


Styling & Decor Trends

Creative Themes: Every event planner knows how important event themes and decor are, to an event. After the venue, themes are the next best features of an event. They are capable of making or breaking an event. This year, themes, styling and decor are going to be taken up a few notches and executed with extreme precision by event planners.

A wide selection of themes, styling & decor ranging from ‘Superheroes’, ‘Urban Graffiti’, ‘Custom Lounges’, ‘Zoning’, ‘Food Design’, ‘Color Dynamics’ etc will be integrated into events.

Through these and so much more, event planners aim to invoke a feeling of complete participation and awareness by the guests of the events that they are planning. By doing this, they create a memorable experience for the guests.


Event Marketing Trends

Tell a Story: Story-telling has to be the fastest rising event marketing trend of late 2018 and it is set to be on the forefront of marketing trends this year. When there is an insight into the process, brands tend to amass more loyalty from their customers. This is because there is a connection that has arisen between the brand and its customer, through the story of how their products came to be. Event planners are gradually incorporating the story-telling factor into the planning and execution of events. They do this by introducing the relevant stories into the pre-event marketing which in turn provokes emotion to drive sales.

Also, speakers at the event can be briefed before-hand to share real-life examples wherever possible too, to increase learning and retention by the clients.


Technology Trends

Boosting effective guest management through facial recognition: One technology trends we look forward to is the incorporation facial recognition tech to manage the guests in an event. Technology and innovation are influencing the event management industry greatly. Very soon checking-in and registering for an event will be done through facial recognition.

The benefits of this are numerous. It cuts across as highly effective, efficient, secure and of course, a huge time saver.


Meeting Design Trends

Bringing event guests together under demand for impact: This trend will strive to unify people under one banner as opposed to the traditional method of designing events to suit the personal preferences of multiple guests.

Event planners focus are now shifting to the importance of outcomes and the desire to make an impact and difference in society.
Events will be used to advertise, support, and promote an external message and movement. It might even go as far incorporating a breaking of records if the supposed impact is something they want to accomplish on a large scale and in so doing, create a spectacle while having fun!


Highlighting these trends leaves us without a doubt that 2019 will be a spectacular year for the entire event planning industry. We hope you adopt one or more of these trends to make your event stand out!

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