2018 Event Trends You Need To Be Following

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We are now almost at the last quarter of 2018, and news of event innovations are already filling our airwaves. We are seeing 2018 event trends starting to emerge with increasing technology inclusion. While 2017 saw a birth of tech-savvy events, 2018 would certainly surpass these landmarks.

Are you an event organizer ? Or you enthusiastically follow event trends? In this post, we explain some event trends that will continue in 2018 or simply begin this year. Do well to update your diary of event management strategies.

Technology Trends


Rise of AR, VR and AI: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) would see an impressive growth in 2018. For those who do not know, Virtual reality is a simulation of a real-life experience using headgear that stimulate the sight and sound. Augmented reality, on the other hand, anchors these computer-generated images and sounds on real-life objects thereby allowing one to experience the two simultaneously, like Snapchat filters. Mixed reality, finally, combines both VR and AR for maximum experience.

Considering the growing prevalence of these tech experiences at technology events, summits and conferences, it is likely that they’d be more rampantly used in events beyond technology. For instance, tourism experts in America are exploring the use of VR and AR during tour expeditions and company retreats at sites. Corporate bodies would even hold virtual meetings with everyone in attendance without leaving their offices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for collaboration: As the battle between event apps and chat bots rages on, event organizers would increasingly find the need to adopt some AI strategies like getting attendees to fill automated event review forms or using chat-bots that sync with attendee social profiles upon registration to get real time data from guests before, during and even after the event for better prediction of expectations.

Logistics Trends


Non-traditional Venues: Going by the increasing demand for unique venue and event spaces by attendees, event organizers would be forced to create personalized and unique event spaces that make guest experience less regular and more memorable.

To be in tune with 2018 event trends, organizers would do well to have their venues reflect the personality, values, and statements of the event. A company with an Eco-friendly image would not want to hold an event in an industrial setting, for example. For them, making a statement with their venues would be an indication of success.

Security and Technology would Collaborate: Due to recent security threats at events like concerts and stadium shows, organizers would increasingly adopt new security strategies that utilize technology. this , it is hoped, will reduce or eradicate security threats at large events.

For instance, technology can help organizers prepare secured access points, brief attendees on emergency, obtain data from suspicious attendees, count attendees with people counting apps, and robots can even help evacuate people quickly during emergencies. Safety is serious business, and organizers would have no option but to adopt these safety mechanisms in 2018.

Punctuality will improve: It is no news that punctuality of attendees and commencement of events is a huge bane on event success. Darn! It even leads to a waste of resources. For attendees, in 2018 the previous concerns about how punctual event organizers will commence the event would increasingly ease, and for organisers, they would be forced to commence at stipulated time, as factors such as transportation that cause attendee lateness would also increasingly ease.

Promotional Trends


Event Designs Will be Simpler: Here’s what Keir DuBois, Designer at Tight Ship Design had to say about event branding in 2018:Meanwhile, we predict effective restraint in all aspects of branding/messaging, for brevity, convenience, and maximum comprehension in minimal time. One hashtag at a time. Simpler identity will leave plenty of space for interactive, crowd-sourced content that’s more top-up than top-down.”

What this means is that gone are the days when graphic designers designed very busy and fluffy designs that really did not convey the value of the event being promoted. This year, were going to be seeing more basic, value-oriented and colour specific designs.

Online Promotions would Increase: If you think you saw enough event hashtag trends on Twitter, received enough targeted emails promoting events or streamed enough events live on YouTube or elsewhere in 2017, then you have to re-think that. This is because event organizers would engage more influencer marketers for Twitter trends, host more events on live platforms, and send even more targeted emails promoting their events in 2018.

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