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5 Ways To Keep Event Sponsors Happy

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Event sponsors are one of the most critical sources of funding for some events. These individuals gift extreme amounts of money or services, to facilitate an ongoing event in exchange for visibility and of course a substantial amount of brand awareness for the duration of that event.

Owing to their extreme contribution towards the progress of any event they are involved with, it is quite mandatory that event planners and managers enlist ways to keep them happy and inclined to be a part of the franchise in the nearest future. We’ve compiled a list of 5 protocols you can follow to impress your event sponsors and keep them happy.

Establish A Relationship With Your Sponsor: Most times, it’s not enough to just know the sponsors on a corporate level. Event planners should strive to establish individual relationships with their sponsors. Get to know them in a semi-formal way. This can open a lot of windows to creating an event that not only acknowledges their brand but humanizes their investments. A candid example could be planning a fundraising event for fire or burn victims, a good event planner through a semi-formal relationship with sponsors will be more likely to find out they have any burn victims in their family and find a way to make such an event more relatable to them.

Have A Strategy: When designing a sponsor activation, event planners should make sure that the sponsor acknowledgment is in tandem with the sponsors brand and organizational culture. The acknowledgment should also be reflective of the event. In essence, event planners, when executing a sponsor activation should find a common ground between the sponsor’s brand and the event in question. There has to be a link with which the activation of the sponsor’s brand does not stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t just stop at plastering the brand name on a backdrop. Be innovative. If your one of your sponsors is a telecommunications company, you could install a branded charging booth for guests.

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Manage Your Sponsor’s Expectations: Everyone has expectations, after all, to whom much is given, much is expected. Event sponsors are no different and so, the best way to manage their expectations is to constantly keep them informed and updated. Try not to spring up last minute surprises on them. Show them the venue. Fill them in on the processes. Walk them through your plans. It’s great for them to have an idea of what to expect on the big day, eliminating any room for disappointment.

Send Post-Event Materials: Sponsors always want to have memoirs and keep-sakes from events that they have been involved with. Make sure you send them the photo and video albums and even souvenirs from their sponsored event. It helps them put it out on social media in promotion of their brands. It helps them grow their archive and creates opportunities for them to have moments where they reminisce about the fun times.

Express Gratitude: A show of gratitude might seem so simple, but it goes a long way in impressing sponsors after an event. Be creative in expressing your gratitude. Send them a gift bag, a group handwritten note, or you could even make a gratitude video with your team, expressing your thanks for their sponsorship. Be sure to do this as soon as the event is over.

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So there it is, 5 ways to keep your sponsors happy with the hopes of them funding your subsequent event. Try applying them during your next event and see how it turns out. We hope this helps!

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