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The Difference Between Event Management & Planning

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When you want to have a stellar event, you are not always sure whose services will give you the best impact – those of an event planner or an event management firm. This is a real dilemma that everyone familiar with events must have faced.

What if we told you that all that confusion is because of a slight misinterpretation of job descriptions – what an event planner brings or should do and what an event management firm offers. That’s all it is. We will try to break it down and hope you can pick out what it is you need exactly and who can get that done for you, most efficiently. Let’s go.

Event Management

First, think of an event as one grand coming together of different parts, each part geared towards achieving an objective. Now these parts have to fit perfectly for an awesome event to happen, and there lines the job of the event manager. Simply put, an event management firm handles the project management of an event. They ensure that all the parts of the event go properly, and these include –

  • finding a perfect venue
  • developing an emergency plan for the event
  • managing staff and vendors responsible for each activity at the event
  • monitoring the execution of the event; even
  • handling conflicts at the event.

This is why we think of them as project managers at events and their plans make for a very successful event when they are well thought out.

Event Planning

As the name suggests event planners work with a client to give them their dream event. That sounds like what an event management firm does too but here’s where it is different – an event planner is in charge of the specific details of the event, details like

  • event menu
  • hiring of caterers
  • drawing up activities for the event
  • working out the venue to match the objectives of the event
  • picking event themes, speakers and other people that make up a good event.

It is clear to see that the event planner is the little details personnel and does the bulky job of running budgets and keeping to them.

Let’s give you an instance that better explains all of these. Let’s say you run a startup and you are unveiling a new product in a month’s time. When you hire the services of an event manager, they will focus on picking out a location to give your event the glamour you’ve described in the brief you sent to them and doing some envisioning of what possible issues could come up on that day and how they would tackle them. This is often where their job ends until towards the event day when they have to lay final plans to how each part of the event will run, putting all those efficiency ideas into place. Often times, the event management firm picks an event planner they have worked with in the past. With a look at the brief, they pick out the key things you have mentioned about the product – wanting to give an experiential feel, it being a cocktail event and other tiny details. The event planner will advise how best to do all these and for what amount. Once the budget is agreed on, they begin to bring everything to life – props, food variations and all.

While both roles might have their differences, it is hard to clearly see those differences given how well they overlap and can often times mean you are hiring one party to do the other parties job. Also, some management firms already have an event planning arm, and some event planners believe they can handle event logistics, safety plans and all. The trick is understanding the scope of your event, what needs doing and hiring whoever is best placed to get it done.

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