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Five Creative Ways To Thank Your Event Speakers

By February 16, 2018 No Comments

So now the event is over and you are just ecstatic and all shades of happy, and you are looking for ways to share that happiness with the people who were there to help you create it – your event speakers. Truth is, many event planners already factor in gift for speakers in their event budget, but sometimes; and should actually be every time, there’s the need to go beyond the gift and really express gratitude for a job well done and probably strengthen the relationship you have. So where do you start? How do you make a real impact with that phase of saying ‘thank you’? Here are a number of great ideas.

Send the gift you already bought

Truth is, making times, event run late or your speaker has to run off to another event and doesn’t have the time after her speech to stay and share more pleasantries with you. No problem, you should value their time. To say thank you, select a proper gift for them and send it to their office or home. To pick a perfect gift, think of what your speakers will actually find cool like if they seem to be fiction lovers, get them a fiction book gift pack, if they seem to talk about food on their social media feed, boxes of cookies and chocolates wouldn’t be a bad idea. The tip here is to put in some real thought into find a gift they will love.

Make a video of the organising team saying thank you

It is the 21st century and everyone is doing things the digital way. Making a simple video of you and the rest of the organising team saying thank you for a job well done at the event can be very heart warming – more heartwarming if you added lines from their talk or a specific part of that all the attendees liked. Truth is, this might seem like a simple thing but your speakers could use it to boost their social profile, curate testimonials on their websites and even earn their next paycheck off it. The one thing here is – make the video good looking and believable.

Host your speakers to lunch

This already sounds cool right? We know it does, and it is a really good way to strengthen the relationship you just started with your speakers. Nothing too fancy, just a nice place where you can sit with them, have a few chats and of course eat a good meal. The goal is to give them the special treatment they deserve for making your event worth the while. Pro-tip, don’t make the lunch time too long, value their time and don’t turn up late.

A personalized gift

Portraits are nice, throw pillows with inscriptions look lovely, tickets or gift vouchers are even nicer. I know we already mentioned gifts, but there is something about adding a personal touch to all of it. So many of your speakers see a lot of typed documents, so a handwritten note at the back of a portrait of them or a cool photo from the event might just do the magic.

Get a sponsor to handle it

This might just be the most cost effective way to make your speakers really happy. If you have a sponsor who sells really fancy items or runs a shop like Konga or Jumia, they could give out shopping vouchers or items from their store to your speakers. This is cool because it could be an avenue for your sponsors to get new customers while you show real gratitude to your speakers. Win-win.

It is really important to keep a good relationship with your speakers because businesses and everything else are about good relationships. Next time you want to invite them to an event you are planning, you want them to remember how nice the first one was. Above all the tips on saying thank-you, a well planned event is the best ‘thank you’ you can say.

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