How to Successfully Plan a Product Launch Event for Your Business

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You have had your team work on this amazing idea you believe will disrupt a lot of things and now, it is time to let the rest of the world in on what you have been building. It is not exactly like no one has been watching, some people have probably helped you with the beta tests and other usability tests, but you need more people to notice your work, so you have decided on a product launch event. This is a good thing and could be the major boost you need to excel, but you need to have a proper plan that maximises you budget. Let’s share the secrets with you.

Have A Clear Objective – This seems pretty easy, given that the goal is basically to make people want to use your app or service or product, but it can also be easily missed. Some product launches have gone from being about the product to something else. Don’t make that mistake. First you have to know what is most important to you for the event; is it sales of the product right there so more people can try it at home and give great reviews? Are you aiming for a lot of showcase of features that you want all the media houses and bloggers to capture and report to their audience? Or you just want a small gathering of testers who are influencers as well, and will do you great service if they talked about your product in their circle. If you are able to sort this out, then you know who should be coming to your event. Picking the right audience assures you that you won’t be wasting the company’s resources which have been very hard to come by. People who have done successful launches like the gurus at Apple have learnt one thing over time, the audience has to be right.

Pick A Great Location You already have a target audience which means your next move is finding a place where they are comfortable with. People often make the mistake of going for the glitz and glamour rather than focus on a venue that helps them tell a good story and reflect what their brand is all about. For instance, no one says you can’t launch a new product at a technology trade fair; but the big question is, will your small booth give a lot of people time and space to come around and see what you are doing? Will all the things they have to try out give your product the opportunity to stand out? We don’t think so. Three things to consider for the perfect location will be, proximity for your target audience, flexibility of the space and logistics to set it up. If you decide this is too much for you to handle, you can have an event management firm like Q21 find the perfect place for you.

Make The Experience Worth Their While This is probably where the bulk of the work is. Your product doesn’t have to download food or end poverty for you to make people like and use it. It just has to do what it says it will do; and this event gives you the opportunity to prove that. Pick out the key features and plan to deliver them in a experiential manner. Brands have overtime learnt that having a product manager speak about all the things their app can do won’t cut it, rather, giving the audience a look and feel opportunity creates the best impression. One top pick that explains this will be Facebook’s Oculus launch where everyone seated in the room had a VR gear and could experience everything Zuckerberg explained.

Collect Enough Data And Follow Up – You obviously don’t want all the buzz to die down once the event ends which is the right thing to want. You need all that enjoyable experience to lead to sales or more sales. So what do you do? Make sure your event is properly set up to collect as much data as possible. Emails, phone numbers, preferences and everything you think will help you continue to deliver quality experiences. Once you have all these, make sure to follow-up…not too soon and not too late. Some brands have sent follow-up mails as soon as guests were done trying out their product. If that helps you give a better experience, why not!


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